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Manufactures of Canadian Hardwood & Buyers of Standing Timber.

Managing Timber & Manufacturing Lumber at Our Mill in Clifford

For over four decades, B. E. Grein Lumber has been able to see the forest for the trees! Our family-run business takes pride in itself as Clifford’s lumber mill and forest management experts. Quality lumber is only as strong, healthy, and reliable as the forest and its trees. With the most up-to-date logging equipment and sawmill facilities, our company offers complete hardwood lumber services from hand picking the trees to harvesting, processing, and selling lumber.

We work closely with land owners to ensure that we manage their forests with the strictest principles of sustainability, allowing for several successful future harvests. Our clients receive our trademark service from the time our registered forester evaluates your trees to the time that we transport the logs back to our sawmill. Our valued repeat customers are a testament to a job well done!

Ensuring a Greener Forest

B. E. Grein Lumber’s forest management promotes future growth of younger sapling trees by removing diseased, old, or crowded timber. This process opens the canopy and allows smaller seedlings to accelerate growth and development. Newer trees provide more habitats for local wildlife and a stronger overall ecosystem. We follow the strictest practices of Good Forest Management, and keep you informed throughout the process.

From Felled Logs to Clifford’s Lumber Mill

Our professional facility is equipped to handle all of our harvested logs in the production of high grade lumber. Our bandsaw, scanning devices, and filing room can handle all species of hardwood trees. We maintain and source only the healthiest forests to translate top-quality trees into in-demand lumber for our devoted customer base. Call us today and find out what keeps customers coming back to our fully functional lumber facility.

We Want to Be There When a Tree Falls in Your Forest

B. E. Grein can apply our dedicated expertise to each stage in the forestry, harvest, and lumber process. For over four decades, we have been working on all sides of the business to source standing timber, foster healthy forests, and manufacture the most desirable lumber.

Trust the Tree Experts

Giving Your Forest the Best Upbringing

Working closely with dedicated land owners, our forest experts put practices in place to ensure the healthiest growth and the greenest environment in your forest or woodlot. A designated forester will identify and purchase the optimal trees for removal to help your new growth sprout up stronger than ever.

Put Your Woods to Work

The Hard Details on Hardwood

Our Clifford sawmill is where trees transform into the beloved lumber our customers have come to know. The quality of our product keeps customers coming back year after year to fulfill their lumber needs. Discover why we are Clifford’s best source of hardwood lumber!

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